Is coaching right for you?

Narcissism Support Coaching is right for you if:

  • is coaching right for youYou are currently in a relationship or have exited from a relationship with a narcissist, sociopath or other toxic person. This could be a personal, family or work relationship.
  • You are emotionally and/or mentally exhausted from dealing with the gaslighting and manipulation of a narcissist or sociopath. (Learn about the top 10 signs that you’re being gaslighted, right here.)
  • You are not currently being physically abused. Physical abuse is something that cannot be resolved through coaching, and if you are being physically abused, I highly recommend that you click here and get yourself some real-world help. Please stay safe!
  • You believe that you have the power to change your life – or you’re willing to choose that perspective.
  • You’re working toward manifesting the life that you’ve always wanted–the best possible version of your own–and you’re ready to make it happen.
  • You’re feeling a pull to become connected with something deeper inside yourself. You want to tap into your creativity, intutition and generally you’re pulled toward becoming the best possible version of yourself. You’re feeling more powerful (or you want to feel more powerful).
  • You feel a deep desire to become part of a bigger group or collective of people like yourself–you sense that there is a circle of strong support available to you and you’re ready to access it.
  • You’re still here, still reading and still interested. (Everything for a reason, people!)
  • You are ready to step outside of the box, outside of your comfort zone and find out who you really, truly are–and then to totally, fully and completely embrace that person so fully that no one–male, female or otherwise–can take your confidence and security away from you.

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Still not sure? Here are some useful pieces of information that can help you determine whether your relationship involves a narcissist.