Free Online Support Group

NSC group supportHave you been the victim of a narcissist’s verbal and emotional assaults? If so, you might benefit from my free online support group for victims of narcissistic abuse. Whether you have been struggling with a narcissistic spouse, parent or other family member, or a boss, co-worker, neighbor or friend, you’ve got a lot more on your plate than most people realize.

Being in a relationship with a narcissist on any level is completely exhausting, and this is especially true if you have to deal with the narcissist on a regular basis. From those who have just realized they’re dealing with a narcissist to those who have already completed coaching or therapy and need additional support, this group is a safe place to get and give support to people who have been where you are, in one way or another. The group is a “closed” Facebook group, which means that only members can see what’s posted inside.

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Notice: This group has a zero tolerance policy for harassment and other forms of negativity. Please understand that by joining the group, you agree to treat every member with complete respect, even if that means being nice by saying nothing at all when you disagree. Friendly debate and advice are encouraged, but not personal attacks and manipulation.