One-on-One Coaching


Need personal, one-on-one coaching to help you deal with your narcissist? As a certified life coach and someone who has experienced (and studied) narcissistic relationships, I am uniquely qualified help you get through this and redefine both your self and your life. Whether you want to meet in person (locally) or online, I can offer specifically tailored coaching sessions to help you discover, decide and achieve your personal, relationship and related financial and professional goals. 

I currently have openings for three new clients for this program:

NSC Narcissism Support CoachingSolution-focused coaching includes help with:

  • Overcoming Your Crippling Anxiety
  • Finding Hope and Ending Your Emotional Paralysis
  • Learning to Balance Your Emotions
  • Going No Contact (When Possible)
  • Dealing With the Effects of CPTSD
  • Overcoming Disassociation
  • Understanding the Reality of a Narcissist
  • Handling Your Emotions
  • Learning to Develop Personal Boundaries That Work for You
  • Discovering Passion and Excitement Again: Learning to Live
  • Redefining Trust and Moving Forward

Learn more about the NSC coaching programs or get instant relief now Post Gaslighting Emergency Recovery Kit