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Coaching for People Dealing With Toxic Relationships With Narcissists


one on one narcissism support coachingYou’re here because you want to make your life better. There are some things you want to change, right? In your case, it seems that there’s someone in your life causing you a lot of pain.

It could be a challenging personal relationship or a difficult work situation that brought you here–or maybe you just wanted to learn something new in order to make your life better. Maybe you’re finally ready to finally lose weight, or you’re looking for that perfect soulmate relationship. Regardless of your specific issue, if you’re dealing with a toxic person in your life, I can help you learn to do it more effectively and with less difficulty – plus, I’ll help you determine the best course of action based on your own personal situation. So let me ask you: what (or who) is stopping you from being the person you want to be?

Are you dealing with a toxic narcissist?

Could you use some help learning how to deal with him or her? Or maybe going “no contact” is a better  option for you? 

Most everyone can relate to the idea that life can get better on some level, but most of my clients have one major thing in common: they are dealing with or have recently escaped from a toxic relationship with a narcissist or sociopath – and that’s what my mission at Narcissism Support Coach is all about.

Your life can get better, with or without the narcissist in it. My programs are designed to help you find and execute the best solutions for your own life – whether that means managing your relationship with the narcissist differently or going entirely no contact.*

*Certain situations, such as co-parenting, prevent you from being able to go entirely no contact – and that’s where coaching can help you learn to deal with these people as effectively as possible (and without falling into the typical gaslighting and manipulation traps that narcissists are known to set). 


Regardless of your age, sex, race, weight, nationality or financial situation, trying to be in ANY kind of relationship with a narcissist is both painful and soul-crushing. But there’s good news – you can begin to affect change throughout your whole life by taking some very simple steps. A hint? It all starts in your head–and your heart.

Why My Narcissism Support Coaching Methods Can Work to Help You Improve Your Life

I have personally survived and escaped from narcissistic relationships in my own life. My own personal experience combined with professional training (as well as my own journey through the experiences) offer me a unique insight to toxic relationships that focuses on solutions that work in your life. I offer convenient and affordable coaching that lends to your own movement toward whole-life healing, growth and improvement, all from the comfort of your own home. Plus, you can decide how personal you want to get – from face-to-face coaching (online or in person) to telephone or messenger coaching to email coaching – and I even have several DIY Self-Coaching options available.

Are you tired of just existing? Do you want to start living? Then it’s time!

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If you want to create real and lasting change in any area of your life, you need to start with yourself first. It all begins and ends with you.

If you choose to invest in life coaching, you choose yourself. You choose to step forward and tell the world that you’re worth it–that you deserve to have the life you want.

When you work with me, you’ll have the option to be as involved or as self-directed as you like. All of my coaching programs include regular “Bliss MIssions,” which will not only be interesting, thought-provoking and growth-inducing exercises, they’ll also help you change your life.

Some Bliss Missions are fun and easy, while others will make you dig deeper to clear the path of resistance and open your life to all that you desire.

All are rewarding, all are worth your time and all are all about helping you create the life you want—and for you, all of these really useful personal development resources are free.

You can choose to do some, none or all of the missions, and you can work at your own pace. Remember, this is all about you!

Are you ready to take the first steps toward becoming the person you want to be? Are you ready to start building the life you deserve? Let’s talk – check out my coaching programs, or complete the form below.